Common Mistakes in Disputing Credit Report Errors

tips on how to dispute credit report

For many people who are dealing with obvious errors in their credit reports, disputing these credit reports will be very challenging. Disputes on credit card billing and other information concerning credit reports have been on the rise for 2016 according to studies such as that of Value Penguin. That is because every step matters if you truly want to win your case.

Disputing Credit Report

Although credit bureaus investigate thoroughly on cases of disputes, the pile of disputes they take care of every day might just blur your chance of getting errors corrected. In other situations, many people come out of disputes without success because of some common mistakes they commit.

It helps to know what these mistakes are; that way, you will know what to look out for. Moreover, learning these mistakes is also an effective way to learn how to dispute a credit report. That said, DcRegs will help you keep these things in mind so you can avoid them as much as possible.

Common Mistakes

  • Failing to research first.

Make sure you know that you can’t simply bring up a case that says “I’ve paid that debt so it has to be removed from my credit report”; you should know the rules. For this situation, the debt information can actually stay on your credit report for at least 7 years even when you’ve paid for it. Thus, before disputing, you must first do your own research to determine if the credit bureau has truly made an error.

  • Disputing online.

Despite the convenience of disputing over the internet, it might not be the best idea. Doing credit repairs and disputes online might just subject you to arbitration clauses. These clauses might just bring you down. More or less, online dispute systems for credit are greatly designed for the advantage of the credit company and not for you.

common credit report errors

  • Being unclear with what and why you are disputing.

Credit bureaus are facing tons of requests, disputes, and other documents day by day; therefore, it won’t help if your dispute is unclear. So that you can immediately grab the attention of the credit bureau, you must specify which information you’re disputing and why. If you’re unclear on these things, they might just toss your dispute away. With regards to answering the question as to why you’re disputing the information on your credit report, do not be vague.

  • Supplying incomplete information.

Aside from being ambiguous and unclear with the information, a common mistake is also being unable to supply the complete information. When you are in the process of disputing, it’s important for you to exhaust all the necessary and relevant information that will support your claim. Do not leave out information that are essential.

  • Losing the evidences.

For any case, evidences are of great importance. So, if you have some documents such as official receipts, and the like,that could very well support your dispute, please attach it along with your dispute documents. This will make the investigation much easier and it definitely gives you a greater chance of winning the dispute battle.