Why Gun Safes Aren’t Adequate Liability Protection

gun shop owner

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the role of liability insurance and gun safes. Since 2010 three states have required owners to purchase liability insurance when a firearm is in the home.

The impetus behind such a decision was to increase public awareness about the danger of firearms at home and also protect owners from the overwhelming trend of potential firearms misuse. The idea behind the bill wasn’t to punish or somehow complicated the process of getting a gun in anyway.

However, the idea was that since a firearm is a danger tool it would become required that you must at least have liability insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones from any issues that might arise. This in no way affects your Second Amendment rights, however, you just need to keep it insured.

In John Wasik recent article he discusses this

“Wouldn’t this penalize responsible gun owners? The opposite is true. If they had gun locks, training or safes for their weapons, insurance companies would likely give them premium discounts. So they’d be rewarded for responsible practices. I imagine hunters and collectors would receive the biggest discounts. It’s akin to getting homeowner policy discounts for smoke detectors, being near a fire hydrant, etc.

The most difficult-to-resolve aspect of the gun insurance proposal is preventing criminals and gang bangers from getting guns. Naturally, they wouldn’t bother with insurance and try to obtain weapons through the black market. One half-way measure would be to require that all sellers also have liability insurance, so they’d have to know their buyers.  That might cut down on the straw purchases.”


There is a couple of pretty big takeaways from all of this. Here are my thoughts about the situation.

Owning a Safe Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Before gun owners thought that just keeping a quality gun safe in their home was more than enough to keep them same from any liability issues that might come up. It was almost as if keeping a gun at home in a safe saved you from legal repercussions. I don’t think so! Not that easy now you need insurance.

Happy Mr. Insurance Market

The insurance market is probably having a field day with this kind of information, millions of gun owners will now require a limited insurance plan or addition to an existing plan. Do the math, we’re talking millions of dollars here and this could be potential very painful to stomach for a lot of people who don’t have the money.

Indirect Government Interference

Yes, the US government can’t take away our firearms but they sure as hell can limit what we do with it. By placing these kind of laws on us and keeping us from making any stupid decisions, we have a pretty good way to avoid serious problems.