Is it Legal to Fly a Drone in California?

The short answer to the question posed as the title of this article is yes. It is legal to fly a drone in California. Drones have been considered as a staple for enthusiasts and photographers alike for some time now and it only makes sense that drones should not be outlawed in California. The State of California is not known for imposing draconian laws. As such, no motives can be had for banning drones.

However, great power comes with great responsibility. Drones are powerful as they can be fitted with cameras. As such, drones can be abused by malefactors and others. To this end, the legislators of California has saw fit to enact rules and regulations in order to control the usage of drones in the California airspace. The laws, if followed, will not drastically curtail the rights of drone operators. It is just a “mandatory” guideline that must be enforced and observed in order to keep the peace as well as enjoy the thrills and benefits of drone flying.

Rules to Follow 

You might not have the time (or patience) to read the laws, rules and regulations that covers drones. This article will try to point out the more important and salient ones in order to prepare you from.

  1. Registration

All would-be drone operators must register and obtain a Certificate of Aircraft Registration. This is to ensure that all drone operators will be accounted for by the government. This is especially important if drones will be used to perpetrate crimes. The records will easily show the culprits.

Aircraft that is between 0.55 to 55 pounds must be registered. You must be at least 13 years old in order to register. Also, if you are only buying now, you must first register your drone before its first flight. Otherwise, penalties might occur.

  1. Avoid Airports

The subheading above should be enough. Drone operators must avoid flying their drones near airport areas. To be more precise, drones must not be caught flying inside the 5 mile radius with the airport as the center of said radius.This is done so that drones will not interfere with airplane operations. As silly as it may sound but drones could be a potential danger for any aircraft and its passengers. Heck, even birds can hinder aircraft operations.

You must, in all times, avoid areas that are near to airports. You cannot accurately measure the distance while on foot. As such, it will be better if you will just avoid areas that are too near from airports. You might not only endanger your drone but you can actually endanger the lives of others if you do not follow this rule.

  1. Emergencies

California has unique legal provisions that is being enforced on drones. Number Three is an example of that statement. In the event of an emergency, emergency responders are not liable for any damages caused against drones if said damage occurred because of the response to any emergency,  This means that you should avoid flying drones during emergencies

Where to buy Drones?

There are many stores inside California that cater to the needs of drone enthusiasts. Each store will have a display of drones that may garner your liking. To ascertain the best drone for you, head over to Outdoor Movie HQ’s drone picks and read the reviews.